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  • Name : CK,Lee / Sony Lee
  • Alias : '526'
  • Birth : Bandung - West Java , August, 30th
  • Height : 181 cm  Weight : 72 Kg.
  • Likes : Video Games, Hoops, Drawing
  • Dislikes : Rude people, Chili, Thunder
  • Fav. Pet : Dog
  • Fav. drinks : Milk Shakes, Coffee, Juice
  • Fav. food : Arbys, Kentucky
  • Fav. games : Tomb Raider, Legend of Legaia, In the Zone 99, NBA Live '99, Tekken, Abe Oddworld, Gran Turismo, Brave Fencer Mushashiden
  • Fav. colour : Blue
  • Fav. anime : Totoro, Cat girl Nuku-Nuku, Patlabor, Ranma1/2, Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump
  • Fav. artists : Hayao Miyazaki, Rumiko Takahashi, Akira Toriyama, Travis Charest, Adam Warren, Adam Hughes, Robert de Jesus, Gloria Estefan, The Corrs, Seiko Matsuda, Chage & Aska, Andy Lau, Neri per Caso, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Julio Iglesias,  Rowan Atkinson, Jennifer Aniston, Hellen Hunt, Najib Ali, Lolleta Lee
  • Fav. character : Godzilla ( not the american one ), Gamera, Michael Jordan, Lara Croft, Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow, Jim Carrey, Mr. Bean, Tazmanian Devil, Timon & Puumba, Totoro, Nuku-Nuku, Arale, Trunk, Ultraman
  • Fav. movie : Gojira vs. Destroyer, Gamera the movie,  Independence Day, Armageddon, Jurrasic Park, Space Jam, Toys Story, Lion King, There's something about Mary, Sleepless in Seattle, All Stephen Chow , Jackie Chan & Jim Carrey movies
  • Fav. wear : T-shirt
  • Fav. songs : Say Yes- Chage & Aska, Ma Thong- Andy Lau, Rock 'N' Rogue, Akai sweet pea, Sweet memories - Seiko Matsuda, 'Till there was you - Beatles, Crying in the Chapel - Elvis Presley , Can't help falling in love, To all the girls I loved before - Julio Iglesias, Anything for you, Don't wanna lose you - Gloria Estefan, My Way - Frank Sinatra, Le Ragazze - Neri per Caso, Hakuna Matata , The lion sleeps tonight - OST. Lion King
  • Fav. mags : PSM, Game 13th, Newtype
  • Fav. comics : Dr. Slump, Slam Dunk, City Hunter, Dragon Ball, Gon
  • Fav. TV series : The X-files, Ranma 1/2, Ordinary People, KO century beast, Batman animated, Friends, Asia Bagus, Takashi Castle, Mad about you, Night Court, Sightings, Buffy
  • First of all I wanna thank the Lord, for giving me eyes to see and fingers to draw and the most important thing is to PLAY GAMES... Yaaaay!!!. And now the rest are to everybody whom I owe, 'cause without their support, this site would never be exist, so...( take a deep breath... ) here we go :
    Mom - although now you are in heaven, I know you're still watching over me. Dad - Who now took mom's job...(way to go, Dad ! ). My Big Bro' - for encouraging me to made my own site. My other Bro' -  for helping me with the site. Felicia - for the patience and kindness. Marc and Elaithya - for being a great host. Tim Wilson from - for asking lots of pics so now I got a bunch of  them,  All my e-mail friends  whose support ing words kick my lazy @$$ to finish this site
    And for the last but not least : To Slimmer and Hammer my two cutest, beloved and faithful dogs who keep me in company for almost 10th year,
    and now they are in Heaven ....... , I missed you guys...  ( sob ! )