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JANUARY 20th, 2000
Well,... sorry for not updating for a while
seems like my site runs out of space ( 20 megs )...darn !
so I have to find another host with a bigger space for  my pages
I apologize for the inconvenience...
Please stay tuned...., if everything goes smoothly, I'll be back by early Febuary
Thanks for all your support and patience....

DECEMBER 19th, 1999
Guess what Santa brought you this Christmas...

- Two special wallpaper gift from good 'ol Santa.... both of them are very strange creatures -
- Another childhood fav. hero of mine.....Ultraman in super-deformed style pic -
- Added two collaborated arts....a crossover by my buddy Eri and by yours truly... ^_^ -

I guess that's it for now ...., have yourself a great holiday season and
I'll see you again in my next update on the next millennium
See ya !!!

DECEMBER 3rd, 1999
Welcome to the latest update, I know it's a li'l late...
Can't help it....I'm not feeling to well lately, Gomenasai !
and for all of you wonderful peoples who'd sent me e-mails
I must apologize for the late reply...., be patient and don't worry...I'll reply them ASAP, K ?

- Updated the old you can see I got a limited space for my GB, so whenever it gets full, I have to move it to
my old one...anyway thanks a zillion for signing ! -
- One new wallpaper that's shaken but not stirred....( hint ! ) -
- Move over Power Rangers, 'coz here's the real hero ( sort of ! )....SD Space Police Gavan -
- Cute Icons !...based on my works compliments of the Devil's Desktop -
- A mascot especially made for a local Game store..... -

So....that's about all for this time folks, hope you have an enjoyable visit...and be sure to tune in at the next update !

PS : Due to my condition right now, I have to change my update to twice a month ...Sorry for the inconvenience   ^-^'

NOVEMBER 22nd, 1999
'ELLO.....PPL !!!
Nice to see you again ........^_^

- A chibi pic of RE3-Nemesis heroine....Jill Valentine -
- Wo..Ho..Ho...Hooo, here comes Ultraman foe.....SD Baltan ! -
- Another FF8 wallpaper featuring the lovely Quistis Trepe -
- Added 3 new guest arts..and they're all awesome...-

I'd also like to thanx all of you who've sign my guestbook....thanks a lot !
That's all for now...., be sure to visit again in the next ten days !
TA...TA.... !


NOVEMBER 11th. 1999
HAPPY!!!,.... HAPPY!!!!,.... JOY!!!, .... JOY!!!....
Wonder why I'm sooo happy ? It's all because TOHO will bring me back to the big screen next year...WOOHOO !!!
and I'm looking slimmer and more agile.....
and to celebrate the moment, I present you the exclusive wallpaper of ME !  ^_^

- A special wallpaper celebrating my return to the big screen -
- A pic of Thousand Arms' main hero.....Meis Triumph -
- A new guest art of Wong Fei Fong of Xenogears by NORMAN -

That's all for this time folks....., gotta go shoot some more scenes for my upcoming movie
Have yourself a wonderful time and a happy 'SKREOOOOOOONK!!!!' to you all !


NOVEMBER 1st, 1999
Long time no C..., how are you all wonderfull peoples ?
hope you all doin' great....
Enough chit-chat....Let's get ready 2 rumbleeeeeee !!!
( sorry,  got a li'l bit carried away there.......)

- Some of you want to see more non-chibi pics, so here's one AB (adult-body) Regina for ya -
- Lots of ya want to see more problemo!...I just made 3 new ones -
- 3 Cool guest pics of Athena Asamiya by DQ and two pics by mr. Tatsu Maki in wallpapers format -
- A must see funny Dino Crisis pic by Adi and a cool Jill Valentine pic by Guylon at my guest page -

Well...., that's about it guys ( and girls )....hope you have an enjoying visit and please be back in the next 10 days.....
until then......, Buhbye and take care  ^_^


OCTOBER 10th, 1999
Konnichiwa......, minasan genki desu ka ?
It's time for another update.....

- Another pic of the cute yellow bird...ummm, no... it's not Tweety ! -
- Added one more Tomb Raider wallpaper featuring Lara in manga style -
- Two cool guest pics, one by Antonio and one by Gaudiamo -
- 2 sketches of FF8's Zell Dincht and Selphie Tilmitt -

....since I have lots of work to be done lately, I'd like to inform you that the next update will be
at the end of this month  and I would like to apologize for all the mails that haven't been replied...
I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience..., hope that all things could 'cool down' in the near future,
so I can get back on the ten days pace....
See ya all wonderful peoples at the end of October....and take care !
Ja matta....

( PS: Hey Voldo,  did you get my e-mail ? 'coz I  have replied your mail and keep getting an error message ! )


OCTOBER 1st, 1999
Hello people !....still busy as ever, but I've manage to made it on time for another updates.....
since many of you demanded new wallpapers, I've included some new ones.....enjoy !

- A very disgusting pic of a RE's zombie that I made...., do not view if you have a weak heart or easily offended ! -
- Added 2 new wallpapers...feel free to use them, even give them to your friends..., but don't change them ... K ? -
- A special gift for Game13th for their 1st anniversary in the misc. section -
- Three new guest pics :Kaede by Xuria , Lara by Terry Parr and Selphie by Umi at my guest section -
- 2 new sketches :  Long ( Bloody Roar ) and Chunli & Ryu - be continued !  See y'all in next ten days.....

SEPTEMBER 21st, 1999
I'm late....., I'm late.....A zillion 'gomenasai' folks !!!
I've been very busy lately...., but enough excuses....., let's go straight to the points, shall we ?

- Added a misc. section, where I put all the stuffs that cannot fit in the available section -
( this is the main reason that the update was a li'l bit late.... )
- Added the 'Old Guestbook' section -
- A tribute pic to Robert de Jesus' Banzai Chibi Chan -
- A cool chibi Spawn by  Kwame Thomas at the guest section -

That's it for this time folks..., Please enjoy your visit and wish you have lots of fun here !
for those who already sign my Guest book....Thank you very much peoples !
It's your support that keep this site up and runnin'


SEPTEMBER 9th, 1999
Hi folks, I know it's a little late than promised... Can't help it ..., I've been a li'l busy lately
I'm really sorry for that..., Gomenasai !
Okie Dokie.... here we go :

- A poster of Heihachi vs. Kazuya -
- Two new pics in Super Deformed form  ( See...?!  who says I cannot make a non-chibi pic ! ) ^_^  -
- Added three cool guest pics on my guest page -
- Two more sketches of Dragon Ball's characters and now they're in larger version.....-
- Added three cool new art related links -

 For those who've been asking me to teach you to draw in anime/manga style, please forgive me for I cannot do that,
'coz I am a lousy at teaching stuffs, but here's the good news.... you can learn from the MASTER....!
simply click on Adam Warren's banner at my art link
section....., you'll find a 'step by step' how to draw anime style....!
'Nuff said ! , ..... have fun.


AUGUST 29th, 1999
Welcome again to my peoples !
here's the new stuffs :

- fixed the links page....,added new links !, so check it out !-
- The lovely and gorgeous ( that's if she's not wearing those thick powders  -LOL ) Queen Amidala is here -
- The newest adventure from Capcom's Dino Crisis...Yup!'s Regina in her chibi form pic -
- Here's the sweet 'N' sexy Chibi Lara by Michael Webb-
- A cool and excellent Raziel pic by Jason Durden -
- Some new sketches....again ?....Yes, AGAIN ! -
( wish I had time to color them all.....,sigh! so many works, so little time ! )  ^_^'

That's it for this time folks....remember to tune in the next 10 days !
And I also wanna thanks to all of you wonderful peoples who've signed my guestbook
and thanks for supporting this site !
meanwhile I'll be another year older tomorrow.....sigh !
...but who cares, right ? THE SHOW MUST GO ON !  ^0^


AUGUST 19th, 1999
Got some major update here !
Sort of freshen up the looks....,hope you  like it !
Now, for the pics update :
- For you who want to see my first project with photoshop, here they are...two pics of Lara Croft -
- A cute Felicia pic from the Darlstalkers series is here-
- Another....yes, ANOTHER Rinoa wallpaper...,just can't get enough of her !-
- A silly pic of me, runnin' around with Godzilla suit chasing Ultraman ...You'll find it somewhere in the site - ^_^
- Added some new sketches -
- A couple of superb pics from a very talented guy from Xiong !-
- A cool Regina (Dino Crisis) wallpaper by Tatsu Maki ! -
- A great pic of original characters by Lone Wolf -
That's it peoples.....tell me what you think of the 'new' lay-out....OK ?

Note : A special thanks to ANDYTH for helping me fixing the new lay-out...., Thanks Buddy !


August 9th,1999
Hi there,....always nice too see you again !!!
Got lots of COOL guest arts for you this time....hmmmm, yummy !
- Here's a cool pic of Magus from Noe...L ! -
- It's a great Rei Ayanami rendering by K-Chan !-
-Another K-Chan's great work featuring everybody favorite feline... Felicia!-
- A way COOL Rinoa and Squall pic from excellent artist Long Vo !-
- A cute SD Guile by a very talented artist...Erio !-
-Another cool art of Karin by Erio....-
- Regina 'the cool babe' from Dino Crisis by Lone Wolf -
Thank you guys (and girls...) , turn :
- Another FF8 favorites characters...a Chibi Rinoa and a Chibi Squall are here....-
-The main man from SLAM DUNK manga...the red headed Sakuragi -
That's it for this time peoples.....
Fasten your seat-belt, ......and have yourself a good time !

July 31st, 1999's time for another update !!
- AUOOOUOOO....the King of Jungle is here in his chi-bi form ! -
- Watch out....!!! he's a movie star....he's drunk....he's the god of martial arts ...Jackie Chan-
- Also from the Korean martial art world... the master of TAE KWON DO....Hwoarang -
- He's old guest buddy mr. Lone ' hair all over body' Wolf with a cool pic of Chun Li ! -
- A sketch of 'Grandpa' Heihachi from the Tekken series -
- for all the convenience, I've changed my e-mail address ..., so please write to this address ! -
now enjoy your visit.. .and don't forget to send me some feedback... I luv letters !!!

July 21st,1999
What's up people ?  Good to see you again.....
Now... let's get down to business, shall we ?
- Added a cool character from Matrix , the movie....Does the name Keanu ring a bell to ya ? (hint ! ) -
- Parappa the rapper also joins the crowd -
- Click here to see the weirdest character that I made so far - ^_^
- A special gift from Tatsu san, a Star Ocean wallpaper featuring Rena ! ...COOL !-
- A cool Guile pic made by Kurtis, joining in as my new guest in the guest art section...thanks dude ! -
- Add three more sketches....wish I got time to color them all (sigh ! )
Gotta go now ... have to cook some more pics for the next update... Bon Apetite !

July 12th,1999
Got some cool stuff to update, so why wait 'till 10 days...right ?
Now you can access directly to the update pages (  I' do listen to cool suggestion  ),  just click on it !
- Mai Shiranui gets her chi-bi form at the Video Games gallery ...and she's still HOT !-
- Added another pic of  Rinoa in the Wallpaper section-
- More cool guest arts from a very talented artist...K -
- Updated the link section -
Th...Di...Di...Th...hat's all folks ! Remember ,...whatever you do...always have FUN and keep  ^_^ !
...see ya in the next update !, I'll be playing Disney's Tarzan on my PS now....AUOOOWUOWUUUO !

July 5th,1999
As promised.....for those who 've asked, this site will be updated every 10 days...
- There's a Chibi Obi Wan Kenobi pic at the Anime Gallery ....I like this guy, he's cool !-
- Also added some cool guest arts at the guest art section ....they are out of this world !, .... see for yourself -
- Added a cool counter and a guestbook -provided by Tim Wilson ( The Man Who Does Everything ) of RPGLAND...Thanks a lot Tim, you're the greatest! ....Hug...Hug! and please support RPGLAND by visiting the site....-
That's it for today, stay tuned .... enjoy your visit and don't forget to support me by signing my guestbook....OK?
and for those wonderful people who 've already signed it...thanks a lot guys (and girls) ...that makes you more cooler than those who haven't....! (hint...hint !)

June 25th, 1999
Sorry....I know it's a little late than what I promised, Can't help it. I've been busy here we go ....
-  At last...Chi-Bi Tifa is done ! and now she's at the VG gallery -
- A Chi-Bi Rinoa of FFVIII also joins in, but I'm not satisfied with this one...gonna make another one again ! -
- added two more sketches of Steel and Arale -
- Fixed the link section and added some cool links -

June 12th, 1999
Many e-mails requested for more wallpapers, they are as promised !
- Another Legend of Legaia featuring Noa -
- Another FFVIII starring Squall & Rinoa -
-The Chi-Bi X-files and Solid Snake also joins the crowds -

June 5th, 1999
-One cool pic of Yoshimitsu by REED in  the guest section-
-A special gift from SAKANA added to the guest section-
-My Paul Phoenix pic from Tekken3, coloured by REED in the guest section -
- The truth is here!!...the chi-bi X-files at the anime gallery -

May 30th, 1999
- At last ! ... Aya Brea is now in colour at VG gallery -
- Added two cool links -