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Name: Tim Wilson
Sent: 2:55 AM - 7/2
Hail to 526!! The ULTIMATE! I like what you have been doing to your site. Great Changes!
Name: Sakana

Hometown: Malaysia
Sent: 1:38 PM - 7/1
wow, a lot of changes since the last time I came. Lastly I'm here to sign your guestbook! Keep up all the GREAT jobs! ^^
Name: Xuria

Homepage: http://under construction
Hometown: I think you know it already.
Sent: 1:29 PM - 7/1
Wow...!!!Your site has moved for 2 times! there are lots of improvements now. I love your arts, I like your Lara Croft's made her more gorgeous. And I like your chibi style. cuuuute!!!

Name: Rutee Katrea
Hometown: same with you
Sent: 6:11 AM - 7/1
Hi ! Great arts you have there ^^. I love surfing here, really.
Anyway, I got your add from Tatsu :D...
C ya later !
=*wanna mail me?*=
Name: Valentine Loveless

Hometown: Unknown
Sent: 3:22 AM - 7/1
::exasperated sigh::
Stupid HTML. Or lack thereof. =>.<=
Name: Guylon Wulong

Hometown: Batavia
Sent: 4:49 AM - 6/30
Yo, Leehachi, you know I've been waiting to sign this, while yesterdays you haven't install any. Keep the drawings, man! Why, thanks for the Rinoa you sent me! It's now sitting at my GuestArt...heheeh hehheeh.
Name: Tatsu Maki

Homepage: http://nope
Hometown: you know that already
Sent: 6:35 PM - 6/29
You're the greatest and the most kind person I ever know. (Although we never meet face-to-face) Keep up the rythm and like you've always said, always enjoy yourself, friend! remember, cat rules and dog drools :)
Name: Valentine Loveless

Hometown: Unknown
Sent: 4:55 AM - 6/26
Love your art...but I suppose you know that already. =^-'=<BR>
More kitty art soon, yah? =^.~=
Name: Xiaopann

Hometown: Lives in N.Z.
Sent: 9:25 AM - 6/25
Hey~ your CGs has to be one of the best ones I've seen while surfing on the net! Did u really CG all those by yourself? Luv the R.E.2 one and the F.F.8 ones.
Name: Yai Chang

Sent: 6:56 PM - 6/24
Thanks for giving me permission! I'm only displaying 5 of your art that I liked the best so expect it up at my site before July 1st. I'm also a big fan of Lara Croft, but not the way everyone else is attracted to her (like her body). It's more of her ability to take on large tasks by herself. If that makes any sense... Well, I was here! Bye!
Name: Kwame "the king" Thomas

Hometown: Hotlanta, or really aTLanTa
Sent: 11:09 PM - 6/23
This is the man you can not compare @#$% with this tight mutha@^#$ers art. man his *&^% is dope. i want to draw just like him. you da man sony you going all the way baby. come to my site too. i can advertise my site right, hey that rhymed.
Name: Tim Wilson

Sent: 9:02 PM - 6/23
526, I got your guestbook up and working
Name: Tim Wilson

Sent: 9:01 PM - 6/23
Checking if this works!!