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  WELCOME TO MY OLD GUESTBOOK !        page 15

Name: Victor Mishima
Hometown: Sydney
Sent: 11:16 PM - 10/14
Kalo bisa, pic tentang Tekken dibanyakin, tapi jangan yang SD. Terus, koq gua jarang banget liat pic tentang KoF? Bikin donk! He he he! ^_^
Keep the good work!!!

Name: Edin
Homepage: http://-none-
Hometown: Batavia
Sent: 2:33 PM - 10/14
Wow!This is a totally cool wp man!Keep up da gud work yach!Waktu gue liat wp ini...ampe speechless man...abis kebagusan seh...Tapi lo coba bikin yg komik donk :> Jgn game melulu.Coba visit deh...Itu juga kewl banget.All the best deh...Moga2 jadi webpage yg solid.
Name: Chandra

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 1:30 PM - 10/14
COOL banget, keep on good work and go for it.
Name: Victor Mishima

Hometown: Sydney
Sent: 11:44 PM - 10/13
'Duh, asli deh! Gua bisa nangis kalo kaya gini. GUA BENER-BENER SALUT AMA ELO!!! HEBAT!!! ASLI!!! 'GAK KUAT GUA! Gua juga suka drawing, tapi gua pengen bisa kaya elo gimana seh caranya? Belajar dimana?

Name: Victor Mishima
Hometown: Sydney
Sent: 11:35 PM - 10/13
Hiks... hiks...!
I couldn't say something. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING SITE FOR ME!!! WONDERFUL!!!
Oh, God! I think I should die now!
Keep the good works, guyz!

Name: Ali A.K.A Choco
Hometown: Surabaya
Sent: 2:50 PM - 10/13
Wah ... I can say nothing but Wonderfuuuul piece of art. Whaddya think of a link exchange with my site ? I'll send you more than 200 hits/day ... it's a bull shit though hehe ... but, the link exchange is real and I hope you take it because deeeeep in my heart .. I admire your ability and hope that someday I CAN STEAL IT FROM YOU !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA ... btw, reply ASAP okay ? and hope to know you in person ... ^v^ ... asik asik asik asik asik asik ... coret2 terus ah ... biar penuuuuuuh ... btw GUYS !!! VISIT MY WEBSITE too ya ??????? LONG LIVE ANIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: (gee, your gbook won't accept single char.. ~~;)

Homepage: http://(ouch)
Hometown: (hmm.. fragrant)
Sent: 3:14 AM - 10/13
(ops me again, sorry for messing the entries.. ~~; hmm, by the way.. today is.. 13?! *joys*)
Homepage: http://(uhh.. fixing the codes.. +.+)

Hometown: Town of Flowers
Sent: 3:04 AM - 10/13
hiya!! maaa.. busy ne? (can't even touch PS ^^;) umm.. what am i going to write here..? ugh yah, bites bites!! >< hehe, arigato gojilagimashita again! *growls*
Name: KunPhuZhun

Homepage: http://still n/a
Hometown: N.y.c
Sent: 12:32 AM - 10/13
yeah following up on what i wrote earlier...chibi trunks-kun..DBZ...try some more game titles in
what else iz there..hmmmm?
Name: KunPhuZhuN

Homepage: http://n/a
Hometown: NewYorK...wha wha!
Sent: 12:13 AM - 10/13
I definetly luv da work u got's coo n da art real nice...the chibi drawings r hilarious but, kewl (luv da x-file!)and FFviii (great gasem also!)...i've been here a while back in the past but, i have never signed the book..ifigured i geve u props 4 da work cause it is definetly....MURDA!!....keep it up yo, chill n peace^_^
Name: Vanessa Jaramillo

Hometown: Lima, Peru
Sent: 5:45 AM - 10/12
Hey! Cool page! Keep up the good work! You're very talented :) ...I wish I could draw like that...Anywayz, I know nothing about anime...I found this website by mistake...I'm glad I did it 'cause I really enjoyed it...I'll come often to see more of your work...see ya, Vanessita.
xxxxxxxTHE X FILES RULES THE WORLD!!!!!xxxxxxxx
PS : Cute pic of your doggies :)
PS1 : Your friends rock too!
Name: mark

Homepage: http://none
Hometown: oakton va
Sent: 1:23 AM - 10/12
the absolute best website ive ever seen please e-mail me some time because i need too ask you some questions
Name: Andrew

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 1:10 PM - 10/11
One Word. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the collest webpage I ever see in the internet. 
Keep the good work guys. I love your art.
Long live the anime !!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Raymond "Rayze" Suharto

Hometown: Surabaya
Sent: 4:28 AM - 10/11
Man... This is the coolest page I've ever seen... Keep up the good work... 
Wah... Bener - bener lain dari yang lain nih... Semoga site ini makin maju terus en makin gede.... Sipppp!!!!
God Bless You...

Ray ^o^

Name: My_karuroo
Hometown: US of A
Sent: 10:58 PM - 10/10
I don't know what to write, but i'll think your bit on the "zombie: BEWARE" was the funniest lol. Your pics are the best very creative and humorous!!! 
#1 webpage of animies. lol I can't stop thinking of it! lol
I also thought long time ago that "lol" meant "lots of love".
Keep doing the great job you do best!?!
Name: Sean Murray

Hometown: Mt. Holly, New Jersey
Sent: 9:38 PM - 10/10
I think U guys have the art gallery on the net. I usualy don't sign guest books but this was worth signing and I'm not even done looking throught the whole site. Keep up the good work. (try more a chi-bi of Sub-zero or Chrono Trigger) u guys Rock
Name: Bernieboys

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 7:40 AM - 10/10
Weh.. gue salut deh dgn hasil2 lu.. gue doain biar bisa lebih berhasil lagi lebih dari yang saat ini lu dapet.
Gue cuman pengen tau lu buat tuh pake tehnik yg gimana.
Kasih tau dikit aja udah thank you banget..Gbu
Name: Angel99

Homepage: http://blon beres
Hometown: jakarta
Sent: 5:00 AM - 10/10
hi....hows ur work?
keep it up.....have a real big fan ya know!
Name: EechA

Homepage: http://www.blom_adaTuh!!.com
Hometown: JaKarta
Sent: 3:37 PM - 10/9
WHUaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HIKSSSSSSSS HIKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
FALLIN' LOVE with Squall Leonhart!!!!!!!I HATE rinoa!!!!!!!!
squall is my boy!!!!!!
*BUKKKK* i was KIcK Rinoa outa here!!!!
*MMUAACCHHHH* Squall.......
Name: Kevin

Hometown: Bandung
Sent: 10:52 AM - 10/8
I love this picture. saya harep homepage ini ada teruuuuuuuusssssssss !!!@#$$%^&*(*()!