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Name: Midasz
Homepage: http://homepage?whathomepage
Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 2:50 AM - 11/1
Keep on artin' 526 make me more manga...
Name: squall??

Hometown: balamb
Sent: 2:46 AM - 11/1 work 526, you put my pict on your page. I'm so ashame sob..sob.. gimme alot more of your pict OK?!
Name: Ice

Hometown: Barking ( Essex , UK )
Sent: 12:15 PM - 10/31
Keep an eye out for me I`m a BIG,BIG manga fan...
See you soon


Name: Jackie DeWitt
Hometown: Fond du Lac, WI
Sent: 9:21 AM - 10/31
The pics are so cool, and they are also helping me perfect my anime style. ICQ# 14785043
Name: ChronoGirl

Hometown: California
Sent: 7:11 AM - 10/31
Finish SELFIE!! She's the BEST!! Well, next to're the BEST! I'm also happy to see Long Vo's pic in your gallery! He's a kewl guy too! But he hasn't updated in a long while...anyway, LOVE YA LOTS!! Keep up the CUTE work!!!

Name: Gege
Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 8:53 PM - 10/30
Nice pics you got here.Love it!
BTW, bisa nggak kalian bikin juga walkthrough & FAQs di sini ?
Thanx n' keep drawing !
Name: Ruben Dearo

Homepage: http://null
Hometown: San Jose Ca.
Sent: 3:19 PM - 10/30
This cholo loves japanese anime! Ever since star blazers!
Name: Vonguy

Hometown: Paris
Sent: 12:36 PM - 10/30
WOOW !!! man you sketch like a god !!!... I've been totally fascinated by your galleries !!! I like your style : cute characters, big eyes, no nose, 4 fingers and so on... You're the best !!! 
Name: Wahyu Santo

Hometown: Sydney
Sent: 11:57 AM - 10/30
These are great stuffs. So cute and nice. 
Really, really impressed!
Name: Frederick Lasmana

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Sent: 1:07 AM - 10/30
Very GOOOODDDDDDDD homepage you got here, your pict is very cute..... I like it very much
Name: Jodi, a.k.a. - Aries

Hometown: New Jersey
Sent: 3:20 PM - 10/29
Yo, this site is off the hook. Mad props to you and all the other artists, love the eye candy. Keep up the good work, peace.
Name: HarQ

Homepage: http://nah!!!!
Hometown: Indo
Sent: 11:22 AM - 10/29
I like anime!!!! and you draw it very good ummm can you teach me how to draw that cuttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee little anime character????

Name: Karyn Sheeden
Sent: 4:46 AM - 10/29
your pics is sooooo....cuuuute!!!!!! i like maddy's pic...
uh, are you an indonesian? (i think so...)
i love cute pics...^_^
Name: MT

Hometown: California, Santa Ana
Sent: 12:14 AM - 10/29
yo how did you dooo all those crazee ass looking pics
show me teach me
and show any way of improve my website
Name: Andry

Hometown: indonesia
Sent: 8:09 PM - 10/28
would you plez give me a pick of ff7&ff8 for wallpeper
i want it not in sd style but the real i think its to much so thats all thanks to rpgland that gave me lots of nice picks keep glory rpgland ^0^.bye 
Name: Kio

Hometown: Jakarte 
Sent: 8:44 AM - 10/28
Yo, Godjilak :)
Wassup ! I like yer artwork it sure has a style of yer own i think yer better than tatsumaki from game13. I understand that you work for gamebulletin (nice tabloid). I was kinda hoppin' you could send me one o' yer artwork (...Gundam maybe ?......please *o*, anyway i appriciated if you are too busy :(.
Marvelous artwork job man !, God bless talented man like ya'
see ya 'round
Name: Dinh

Hometown: Riverside
Sent: 9:29 PM - 10/27
Great page, i give you lots of compliments on all your great work.... hopefully when my page is up, it could be of this caliber. 
Name: w_angel

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 4:37 PM - 10/27
at last my page is finish .... yea... maybe half of it
and....whats matter with u?
theres no change in ur page????
*still remember me*?????
Name: Darin rock

Homepage: http://don't have one
Sent: 7:31 AM - 10/27
Your art work is like humor like anime.
Name: xuria

Hometown: Esthar
Sent: 3:36 AM - 10/27
Hmm....what happen ? Kok ngga ada update lagi?
udah 2 minggu lebih lo...