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   WELCOME TO MY OLD GUESTBOOK !            page 20

Name: Mawashi
Homepage: http://still working on it
Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 7:35 PM - 11/18
Kereeeenn! Oops,.. cool! You're very talented! I like your pics! I'm wondering... how do you do that? Pencil and ink and then scan them down? Or digitally done with a tablet? I'd love learning something from you :o). Teach me pleeeease!
Name: me

Hometown: its a secret
Sent: 5:58 PM - 11/18
A brill website keep up the good work
now what do i press...? ah here we are... whoops! thats not it. ok i'll try again...thats better.
Name: Fox

Sent: 2:02 AM - 11/17
Hey we've spoken before man, your art is awesome and you should start a book, i'm dead serious, later '526'


Name: alexis mootoo
Hometown: Panama, panama
Sent: 9:00 PM - 11/16
your page.. rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you are the best.. i love your star wars stuff... i must get going.. i have a million years late for practice my drawing....
Name: Juga

Hometown: Jakarta - Indonesia
Sent: 11:24 AM - 11/16
it's very cool me rpg lover.......and i like drawing a sketch too........this is great page.......keep going 526...........i support you all the way man,........the graeat chibi i ever seen..........cause i'm a manga lover too and like paly video games since i was 5 years forever
Name: TAK

Hometown: Richmond, BC
Sent: 7:09 AM - 11/16
526, you have ones of the most best drawings....
would you mind if I copied some of them.... 
I'll even put Copyright 526......
I am 12 and a starter at drawing

Name: Jay
Hometown: Brooklyn
Sent: 5:15 AM - 11/16
!!!Out Standing Work!!! You should put out an art book! I'd buy it in a heart beat. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!
Name: Zell 

Homepage: http://cimuncang 53
Hometown: bandung
Sent: 4:22 AM - 11/16
this is the best picture i ever seen,so do the best good work.OK.^-^!

Hometown: CONCORD
Sent: 11:00 PM - 11/13
Some wierd freakin anime stuff ya got here.What can I say,I LIKE IT!!!!
Name: justin

Hometown: na/nh
Sent: 4:29 AM - 11/13
this site kicks big donkey dick \------->~~~~~~
Name: unknown

Hometown: secret
Sent: 9:54 AM - 11/12
Name: Sammy

Hometown: capital city of Indonesia
Sent: 6:37 PM - 11/11
I know u'r site from Game13th and Gamestation. It's very kewwlll man.. Love the X-files !! plz.. chibilized Jun Kazama from Tekken 2 .. She's grrrrreat . 
Name: Felicia

Hometown: Sydney
Sent: 11:15 AM - 11/11
Oh my God!! your artworks are so lovely, they're definitely awesomeee :D (I can speak Indonesia, but me think English is better ^^) Keep up your great works !!
Name: Eka Cahyadi

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 10:58 AM - 11/11
this is the best site for pic. thx for making it happen my man. i love taking wallpaper from ur gallery.

Name: ChronoGirl
Sent: 3:59 AM - 11/11
I love visiting your site! Your pics are so cute and full of talent! Keep up the cute work! Love ya lots!! ^_^
Name: Martin Blandy

Hometown: Urm.... could my hometown be Monday
Sent: 6:48 PM - 11/10
Your site is the best! keep on drawing your chibis are great! 
Name: Ann the NEKOO! MUAH!!

Hometown: High Heavens....
Sent: 1:13 PM - 11/10
Kya! KAkkoii!!! ^_^ Well, can I link up? I luv you cgs very much! They are!!! So keep on drawing!!! 
JA NE!! ^0^
Name: Popo

Hometown: You Figure Out
Sent: 12:13 PM - 11/10
Heeee Hi God to saw your page more develope
Name: drunken...hic..master

Hometown: sak...e
Sent: 7:29 AM - 11/10
glory to jackie chan .....hic
thanks for the great picture
make a better picture ok!!
where is my sake....hic
Name: Andre

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 7:06 AM - 11/10
Superbly done.
I really love your pics.
Especially the one ,bout chicks in bikini (heheheh...).
Can u make more pics bout TIFA (my first undying love) plz.