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Name: Sin
Hometown: NY
Sent: 1:45 AM - 8/26
Dude, Your page is the greatest like i said before, Best Colorist and Chi-bi style Artist I have known, Kepp Up the good work! (I hope "the image" gets posted in PSM )
Your Friend, Sin.
Name: Kyle

Hometown: Gainesville,Fl
Sent: 12:27 AM - 8/26
Your page is completely awesome! These are some really cool Pics you made, your a real artist! I saw you Pics for the first time in PSM magizine. Keep up the good work!
Name: w_angel

Homepage: http://under construct
Hometown: indonesia
Sent: 3:52 PM - 8/25
dear tatsu i like ur draw!!!
Name: Xuria

Hometown: umm....sorry, I forgot it....^^
Sent: 2:07 PM - 8/25
Hellooooo my man! You're the best Chi-Bi styled artist I've ever known!!! And hey, the new layout is cool!
Go Go 526!!!

Name: Rinaldi Permana
Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 11:52 AM - 8/25
Wow, i've know u from G13 vol 3 to 14. But this is the best pictures i ever see. Keep up the good work
Name: christina

Hometown: jakata
Sent: 11:49 AM - 8/25
you're the best
Name: Yohanes Andreas

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 1:39 AM - 8/25
Wow, Nice site you have here Sony Lee. Well Iíve been noticed your site in Game13th Vol. 13A. Well, your drawing arts are different from any Indonesian manga or anime site, like Guylonís Playground Comic. I love your chi~bi arts very much. Iíll come back in another time and also I hope your site grow bigger and more interesting.
Hey, why doncha make your site more lively with music like Guylon did.
Name: tina

Sent: 12:27 PM - 8/24
Hello, I 'know' u from Game13, although i just knew Game13 for about 2 months ago, im sure thats a cool gamezine. Especially the pics and the news =). One question only, where did Game13 from ? Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Canada or US ??? Thats al i wanna know. 
Name: Sephire Lockheart

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 9:15 AM - 8/24
yah, yah,
at last I can enter ur guestbook '526'!
Yeah, my comment is always the same, good work, keep going,
and dont forget to color that sweet Trunks <he is one of my faves> ^_^
Name: Bandar

Hometown: Riyadh/Saudi Arabia
Sent: 11:25 PM - 8/23
hey man...i just saw ur idea of soul reaverin psm....n i love it...
keep up the good work
Name: NEO12000

Sent: 6:51 PM - 8/23
Hey it's me again your biggest fan I like the new setup it is easier to get around in and it cuts down on the loading time when you put more pics in one screen like that to view as thumb nails or how ever your setup is but.... I would love to see you do the RoninWarriors and the Warlords that would be the BEST! If you need info on them I can get you the info and the RoninWarriors would make for a great addition to your anime gallery.... Not many people get to see the Ronin's but I know they would like it if they saw it..... I love your work and I will keep coming here so please consider drawing the RoninWarriors PLEASE! That would make my say in the best way..... Remember if you need info on the RoninWarriors let me know.... I'll be hapy to get you all you need ot know on them.....
Name: Kyo

Sent: 11:32 AM - 8/23
Mm..... Did I really saw tatsu art ? Tatsu-maki from G-13 as your special guest ? Congratulations ! 
Mm... , would you visit my humble homepage and sign my guestbook ?
Name: Johnny Sutanto

Hometown: Sydney or Jakarta
Sent: 9:51 AM - 8/23
Hey Tatsu man.... why don't you draw g13's crews especially the sexy and beautiful hehehe... Kawaii Runa, cause there isn't any picture of that in your tiny website hehehe...... And why g13 don't make own website. It's easy man... or I must teach you all!!!!!
Name: Fe1

Homepage: http://..........
Hometown: BDG
Sent: 7:08 AM - 8/23
We need cool pictures and... you have them all!!!
You're so wonderful!!! 
Name: CH1215T0

Hometown: JKT
Sent: 1:57 PM - 8/22
Name: veroline girlanie

Hometown: indonesia
Sent: 5:40 AM - 8/22
oh! god. what a wonderful art
hei! Tatsu good working for you
i very like your art
Name: N. N. L

Homepage: http://none
Hometown: Indonesia
Sent: 4:02 AM - 8/22
cute!!! keep it up!
Name: N. N. L

Homepage: http://none
Hometown: Indonesia
Sent: 4:02 AM - 8/22
cute!!! keep it up, man!
Name: Fania

Homepage: http://@#$%&*
Sent: 2:49 AM - 8/22
I LOVE THE CHIBI PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jerry Hunter

Hometown: Indonesia
Sent: 6:15 PM - 8/21
I hope youwill be better and better.
Keep up the good work