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Name: erio
Sent: 11:54 PM - 8/13
well, what can i say? this site is just too cool! i really envy the way you color; too bad mine isn't up to par. anyways, keep up the great art, alright!
Name: Angel aka Tifa

Hometown: NJ
Sent: 10:59 PM - 8/13
Kewl site here I luv it alot^^ you have very nice drawings here(especially Tifa^^). Visit my site sometime!
Name: Kinski Leonardy Kurniawan

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 2:33 PM - 8/13
I love tour web site,good work.
'coz there's a lot Wallpapers in your site.
'Coz my hobby is collecting a picture for my computers(I Have 8 Computers)
Name: Nereid21

Hometown: Neptune 
Sent: 9:23 AM - 8/13
EXCELLENT artworks, especially your 'Happy Birthday' picture for G13th. Keep it up, your fans here are waiting for another great arts! 
Name: WWx

Hometown: Places. I'm only being that descriptive because I respect you.
Sent: 6:26 AM - 8/12
I really enjoy your work. I believe you are as good as the ever-lovin' Robert DeJesus, or even Mr. Adam Warren. I'm trying to make it into the biz as a comic book writer... If my proposals are accepted, be prepared for a call. :)
P.S. My new webpage is not done yet. Thank you.
Name: Jason Knight

Hometown: Florida
Sent: 4:33 AM - 8/12
This is some of the best art work i have ever seen keep up the very sweet work
Name: Gomi Girl

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Sent: 11:24 PM - 8/11
It was so cool to see some SD's of characters like Mulder and Scully and Tarzan. Your pictures have great depth and style. Wicked. 
Name: Parker a.k.a.Mr.Bean

Hometown: London England, not really my hometown is Salt Lake City Utah
Sent: 3:34 AM - 8/11
My favorite thing is drawing cartoons! It's 1 thing i'm known for, that and goofing off. Draw some pictures of Teddy for me...Please.
Name: DorroZ

Hometown: Elsewhere
Sent: 3:30 AM - 8/11
First of all... Your art kicks major ass.... and that's an understatement. Someone with your talents is very rare and I hope you continue to draw yer awesome chibi and other style characters.
Oh and uhh... well I'll probably be emailing you about something soon... so uh... talk to you later.
Name: gettoAzn

Hometown: Kali
Sent: 11:32 PM - 8/10
A man u hav dope pix and keep up tha good work
Name: bimmy

Sent: 9:33 PM - 8/10
hey man i saw your pic of soul reaver in PSM and came to your site. your pics rawk! keep it up!
Name: Ross

Sent: 7:06 PM - 8/10
Man, if anyone's got the talent to draw chibi characters, it's u man. You rock!!! Keep up the good work.
Name: Don Hua

Hometown: Australia
Sent: 3:26 AM - 8/10
Your pics u think someday you could give me lessons..lik on a chatroom?anyway keep up the good work!!!
Name: ??????

Hometown: Lancaster
Sent: 2:01 AM - 8/10
I love your drawings. I'm in love with 'em.
Name: Falcn77

Hometown: Indpls IN
Sent: 6:22 PM - 8/9
526 man you are the god of drawing. your pics are the coolest ive ever seen. i love the matrix its my favorite movie. i have to ask you this could you make a pic of morpheus cause he looks strait pimp with those sunglasses on also my friend wanted to know if you could do bruce lee.
P.S.your pics fit into the ultimate drawings category
Name: NjBoMbJr

Hometown: Nj
Sent: 2:16 AM - 8/9
This WWW is the best site I've ever seen.this site has very cool pics of very cool people!!!
Name: Alex Alex

Hometown: CA
Sent: 6:12 AM - 8/8
Hey u done a great job. Keep up the good work. I love your site.
Name: brainwasher

Hometown: west palm beach,FL
Sent: 6:05 PM - 8/7
i do chibi art to and mine are no where near as good as yours.
Name: ~ 003 ~

Hometown: Earth
Sent: 1:09 AM - 8/7
Yeha. You got some REALLY nice pics in your site.
Name: Patrick, a.k.a. The naked Tamborine Man

Hometown: Palm Bay, Fl
Sent: 7:08 PM - 8/6
Hey man! What's up? I just wanted to say again that your artwork rocks. It's like an inspiration to me( I am also an artist-somewhat.). Your style of artwork has got to be the best that I've ever seen. Well, see ya later, and keep up the great work!
p.s. Godzilla is cool. Can I send you 2 pics of him that I drew?