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Name: nick
Hometown: detriot
Sent: 1:26 PM - 8/6
GREat pics. 
Name: Jason Mudrick

Hometown: Hilo HI
Sent: 4:31 AM - 8/6
I really like your art and i know who Mysterio_14 is, he is john and his last name is shim(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)^_^
and i am not lying he is the same john i was talking about
Name: Mysterio_14

Hometown: Hilo
Sent: 4:21 AM - 8/6
I'm mysterio and i got to say your art work is cool. but there's a secert i going to tell, jason gets horny over your pictures of chung li and other girls.
Name: Jason Mudrick

Homepage: http://none
Hometown: Hilo HI
Sent: 8:05 AM - 8/5
Man i think you rule and i hope you make more sketches of
Chun Li boy is she Solid ^-^ I also liked your sketch of Jin from TEKKEN and i want to give you a warning about a boy named John he lives next to me and he kinda weird. Well bye and keep up the good work
Name: Cali

Hometown: Covington,Ky
Sent: 4:08 AM - 8/4
My god you are one talented guy. I have been trying to work on some of my own art and I love video games (one of the few woman who do, it seems)you have been an inspiration for me to continue to try. Keep up the good work...I will be watching.
Name: Tom a.k.a Cid

Hometown: Waterloo Ont
Sent: 3:33 AM - 8/4
Hey there "526". I saw your Pic in PSM and it kicks ass!!.So I decided to check out your site.It also kicks ass.That is all.
Name: Shawn

Sent: 11:22 PM - 8/3
Good work keep it up,
i like the Tarzan. 

Name: Lazie
Homepage: http://none
Hometown: Kali
Sent: 7:38 AM - 8/3
Very cool site.tyte pictures and cute ones.
Name: K-chan

Hometown: Hmm..Nibelheim
Sent: 12:00 AM - 8/1
Woah and I mean Woah!!! Your artworks are so good!!! I love the 3d effects you did on em. My fave piece is the poster of Squall!! He looks so life-like!! So much like Square's~ 
Keep up the good work!
Name: Animus Rampage

Hometown: Tucson
Sent: 6:36 PM - 7/31
Damn man!!!Nice chibi drawings!!! Do ya think you can put up a tutoring section?!!? That would be great!
Name: Xeno

Hometown: In this web site
Sent: 7:20 AM - 7/31
Im really Vinson just came in again and wanted to sign it agian and keep sending pic to psm.By the way you should do a pic of Banzai Chibi Chan
Name: vinson wood

Hometown: alberta
Sent: 7:13 AM - 7/31
just saw this in psm and loved you drawings so i cecked it the way your art is awsome
Name: Patrick, a.k.a. Naked Tamborine man

Hometown: Palm Bay, Fl
Sent: 4:05 AM - 7/31
Hey,I've seen your work on PSM, and man, you are awesome. Your art is just spectacular. Go GODZILLA!!!!not the american one, though. He sucked.

Hometown: Sydney Australia
Sent: 2:50 AM - 7/31
This sit is very cool and i like the pics i will visit soon and hope to see more pics.

Name: Joy
Sent: 9:26 AM - 7/30
this chibis anime are so cool !!
you have done a good job
Name: frost byte

Sent: 7:02 PM - 7/29
if you feel the icy breathe of something eternal run and don't look back for you will be staring into the face of death itself!
Name: Carrot Glace

Sent: 9:42 AM - 7/29
AWESOME SITE!!! One question, are there any Lunar: Silver Star Story pictures in the works??? Hope there are!! 
Name: Vinh

Sent: 8:10 AM - 7/29
WHOOOA DUDE! Very nice site. Great style and colors.
Name: Shawn

Hometown: Vallejo
Sent: 4:35 AM - 7/29
Great work, great ideas.
Keep it up!

Name: Jester
Hometown: Jesterland
Sent: 2:39 AM - 7/29
What's up?! Jus wanna say your art is great, and I always love seein' it in PSM. Your chibi style is great! Keep drawing and I'll be visiting again!