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Name: Pot Pot
Hometown: iri tamago studio
Sent: 11:53 PM - 7/28
Hi there! you've got a very nice site goin! by the way thanx for signing our guestbook. you have removed a lot of pain in our backs.

From all of us here in iri tamago, domo arigato gozaimasu!

Name: Spawn
Hometown: Maassluis - Holland
Sent: 9:50 PM - 7/28
Name: **wakuwaku**

Hometown: Australia
Sent: 11:33 AM - 7/28
WOW..... i have never seen pix that rock so much.....
u r like the god of pix.... sooooo cute.....
and i especially like your FF and Starwar pixs....
it would be even better if u made pix of Sephiroth
and of Jaa Jaa (sorry about the spelling').....
but anyways..... ur site is the best one one the web
so keep those fingers working and make some more cool
pixs...... ^0^

Name: Richie Sprague
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
Sent: 4:01 PM - 7/27
526 u are t he king of all drawings Ilove the way that you make the people Chi-bi, and keep up with the kick A$$ drawings. :)
Name: Abel a.k.a. Akuma

Hometown: Dallas
Sent: 8:46 PM - 7/26
i am true 2 final fantsay games.yall better send some more artwork to PSM cuz it rocks and so does PSM!!!
Name: Locke314

Hometown: Too small to mention
Sent: 4:00 PM - 7/26
I'll continue to be a loyal supporter of your outstanding page as long as you keep drawing (duh), and try drawing some F.F. III characters, will you? Keep it goin'.

Name: Nathan
Hometown: Anthony
Sent: 12:36 AM - 7/26
Your are a very skilled drawer.I can't beleive how well you draw.lara croft that you drew is very nice looking.
Name: Nick

Hometown: LA, California
Sent: 7:18 PM - 7/25
Your site kicks. I wish I had the resources to create awesome 3D pics. I have some talent when it come to drawing but I'm not as good as you.... yet!
Name: Jade

Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 6:45 AM - 7/25
Okay..first.....WOW, ure amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV (absolutely LUV) your chibi style, its sooo cute, Ive never (ever) seen cuter chibis!!! (The X-files one was adorable)!
Okay, Im into anime too, I draw them, well I just started, Im pretty good, BUUUT I dont know what to use to color in my sketches!!! Is photoshop any good? Wich version do u recommend for a beginner??? Please write, and maybe I could send some to ure guest art (thta'd be soo kewl)
-Ure amazing
see ya
Name: khanh pham

Hometown: lexington park,MD
Sent: 4:33 PM - 7/22
man, you watch return of the condor heroes? the only ppl i know watch those series are vietnamese or chinese. you either go in one of those category or just a cool guy who understands chinese cause i never heard of that epidsode being translated to english before. what a waste of good movies, huh? you know what? they didn't even translate journey to the west, but the japanese, diod change it into an anime series called monkey hero. good for them, but they gotta translate fist of legend. jet-li's best movie can never be left out, am i right? 
Name: Re_chan

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 10:37 AM - 7/22
NICE CHIBI2x tachi ^_^
I like it you know... and also those Tatsu san's pics tooo ... ^_^ very nice.... gambaro!!!
Name: cuhan

Hometown: jkt
Sent: 10:31 PM - 7/21
haloo 526, sorry loh aku gak bales e-mail kamu terakhir, masalahnya e-mail ku waktu itu lagi rusak, jadi semua file yang masuk langsung keapus semua.
Oh iya, kalau kamu mau liat beberapa gambar aku & temenku, kamu bisa liat di
Name: Lone Wolf

Hometown: Asgard ^o^
Sent: 5:38 AM - 7/21
I LOVE your homepage!! You're da man, TA526! Sorry took me so long to sign your guest book. PS: I love your way of making comments. Aroooo!
Name: Troy - That's right just "Troy"

Hometown: My Bedroom or Basement. 
Sent: 7:41 PM - 7/20
Seeing Obi-Wan and PaRappa in Chibi form is too sweet! You need to do a comic book (with me of course)! All arse-kissing aside you've got a real talent, I checked your site by chance after seeing the "LOK" pic in PSM!Accolades! Accolades! Accolades!
Name: Antonio 

Hometown: Calexico, California
Sent: 4:40 AM - 7/20
Kick ass!! I just got my PSM and your LoK:Sour Reaver chibi pic is cool.....hey I`m a big dbz fan how about a super saiyjin CHIBI-Chan from PSM and send it in...I would like to see it!!!B-T-W------>check out my comiks at thanx!!
Name: Andrew

Hometown: none of your damn buisiness
Sent: 3:58 AM - 7/20
you have a cool anime page person who created this page
Name: astralsword

Hometown: new port richie 
Sent: 9:33 PM - 7/19
how do you do those 3D oics? they are cool. any way if i asked you to draw something would you? i'm trying to put together a semi-anual mag and would like if you would draw me some pics now and then. e-mail me with your answer. thanx
Name: Kawaii Runa

Homepage: http://None
Hometown: Same as Tatsu
Sent: 7:32 PM - 7/19
Thankie very much for the G13th birthday picture! Here's some mwuaahh for you, cutie! I love your chibi pics. Keep 'em coming, allrightie? Thankie very, very much!!
Name: KFCmaster

Hometown: LondonUK
Sent: 11:10 PM - 7/18
Well well well, I'mlost for took me long enough trying to express my views in the email I sent u, but man...this is hard! Basically your work is of standards that are too good to describe man!! YOUR ART IS RUFF!!!!!!
Anyway, I thought I'd return the favour of signing your GB too! hehe, I betta go before I end up staying here and chatting about how good u are again! haha keep it up man, YO DA MAN!!!!!
Name: Kenichi Ichiban

Hometown: Matrix World
Sent: 10:05 PM - 7/18
WOW ! you've got so many cute pics here ! and you've done them all by yourself ?....Well done!
so you're the one that won G13th's mascot contest right ? What's his name...? Fink-R...that's it! 
Great ! I love it ! and hey CKLee...your method in colouring are pretty much the same as mine ?
I love the way you did them in those Chibi style....! (wish I can do cute Chibis like yours...sigh !)
BTW : In case you wonder, I'm the one who made 2 covers for G13th and Tatsu gave me your site address and he thinks I should check this one out, and as usual he's right...! (Grunt!)
Anyway...Keep up the good work, I'll be visiting again...Bye !