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Name: Paul Ondash
Hometown: Mather,Pa
Sent: 11:47 PM - 7/17
Yo this art kicks. I saw your work in PSM. You should do some anime of some wrestlers or some RE zombies.
Name: Andres Soto

Hometown: College Point, NY
Sent: 3:25 PM - 7/17
Yo this is some really cool artwork. Good going. I got this web site from the magazine PSM where they put one of your drawings of Legacy Of Kain. Cool.
Name: Phantom

Homepage: http://N/A at the moment.
Hometown: The phantom realm. 
Sent: 1:46 AM - 7/17
Hey you have an incredible style I am very impressed with you work. I wish I had half of you talent in art. Take care and keep up the fantastic work. 
Name: Imp Mayhem

Hometown: You crummy rats!! I'll never tell!!
Sent: 10:38 PM - 7/16
Found yer URL in the latest issue of PSM. Color me intensely blown away, monsieur. I like. I like very damned much. You'd better keep sendin' those damned piccies into PSM, mon frere', or you're gonna have one upset little imp on yo' buttocks. 

Again, cool site. If you wanna check out my site, feel free;
I don't have any of my own art up there (well, not yet, anyway...), but if you would honor my humble electric dojo with your presence, I would be honored.

(That should be enough kissing-up...)


Name: NoKe50
Hometown: SanFrancisco, Cali
Sent: 5:33 AM - 7/16
DAMN!!!!! yo page is dope! i saw your artwork on the PSM fan art page. You should get an award or somehting. make some pics of vincent valentine from ffVII cuz you would make him look good killing something.
Name: Long Duck Dong

Hometown: Mars
Sent: 4:13 AM - 7/16
wow what a great page! the tomb raider pics are great! ... just one request. PUT IN SOME EVANGELION PICS!!!! & maybe some slayers too. this page rocks! keep it up
Name: minmei

Hometown: a duckpond
Sent: 1:21 AM - 7/16
Hiya 526! Indeed it's long time no see. ^^;; Wow, looks like you've got quite a legion of fans here and as always, your artwork is simply stunning and worthy of envy. BTW congrats on getting your art in PSM (yeah, that might be old news eh? ^^;). Best of luck to you and keep making those cool pics! See ya~ :D
Name: Justin Brooks

Hometown: Mill Creek,WA
Sent: 12:20 AM - 7/16
Hey 526! You draw really cool and you should teach me sometime.Also where can I get Photoshop or whatever you use to draw?I'm jealous.Anyway,I'm the guy who signed Tim's guestbook and you told me to sign yours.So I did.You should do some Lunar or Breath of Fire 3 chi-bi pics.Also more Lara Croft.That would be cool.Your the coolest guy I know and keep drawing good!

Justin Brooks

Name: Shawn Mahaney
Hometown: Vallejo
Sent: 12:14 AM - 7/16
Hello Mr.Lee,

Its me, Havent heard from you in awhile, e-mail me soon.
Love the work, keep it up.

see ya

Name: DIE-ZW3E
Hometown: Japan
Sent: 8:34 PM - 7/15
One of the nicest animation webpage I had ever seen. I love your cute graphics, they are very neat! Though I am not an animation fan, but I think your page is great. Well Done!
Name: Bryan Brown

Hometown: San Antonio
Sent: 12:54 PM - 7/15
You rule dude. Keep up the great work!
Name: Coocacoola

Hometown: SF
Sent: 4:08 AM - 7/15
Wow you have got some very cute pics in your site!!
Name: xotzz

Hometown: USA MI
Sent: 10:25 PM - 7/14
Xotzz sez hi,
I saw your pics in older issues of PSM , I`m so glad they finally put up your url. I wanted to see more as soon as I saw your chi-bi Lara.Your page is even better than I xpected.I`m crazy about your Laras.......
That`s about all I can say!
Name: Jose

Hometown: Visilia
Sent: 4:39 PM - 7/14
u draw very good chi-bi.I hope u send to PSM cause u draw cool,keep up the good work.o yeah u r so good i wish i could draw just u!!
Name: Ricky

Sent: 4:32 PM - 7/14
Hey dude, your site kicks b**t !! I love it !! Keep up the good work, man ! Oh, and by the way, you know tatsu, right ? 
Well, your job is comparable to his, I say. Update soon,OK ?
(What about some Lunar pics ?)
Name: Robert 'mfluderx' Wheeler

Hometown: Basildon
Sent: 10:19 PM - 7/13
GREAT artwork, especially like Lara, of course, keep up the excellent work and my best wishes for your future.
Name: Nate

Sent: 5:53 PM - 7/13
u r good so keep u the good work.
Name: Matt

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Sent: 2:23 AM - 7/13
Dude those Lara Croft pics are hot! You have a really unique style on every on of your pics! Don't ever lose that. I wish I could draw....... Hey , you should draw a pic of Min-Mei from Macross of Robotech to your video game section cause Macross Digital Mission VFX2 is comin out! I love those cool ass mechs. Peace!
Name: Vermillion

Hometown: Montague, MI
Sent: 9:34 PM - 7/12
I love your site, you are my idol. My artwork aint much to sneeze at, but if anyone wants to see mine email me. And any one looking at my site, be warned:It sux! But you da man Ja526!
Name: JÅVSpíçàssð

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 5:10 AM - 7/12
Wohohoho u know i visit ur hommie several time but now just i fill it. ur hommie is good. i really like all ur sketches, chibi, anime, all think u draw it's cool some day i hope u teach me how to draw like that and coloring like that okay you know u will be beaten by me just wait and see. see you little punk success always. ngomong indonesia dikit ngak papa khan. ngak lama lagi nih 526 hommie going to