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Name: Brian Paterson
Hometown: New Jersey
Sent: 12:16 AM - 7/12
u are the greatest i dont no who u are but u are my idol. i wish that someday i can draw like u.... ure fan forever,
Name: Ann the Extremely Bored and Hyperactive NEKOO

Hometown: Errr......I don't really know.....cuz I'm not human and all.....
Sent: 12:00 AM - 7/12
KAKKOII!!! Great site man!!! LUv the artworks, and you acctually got Tatsu Maki-sama work??? KYAAA!!! 
I need to learn how to cg.....drat-ness!!!
Well, keep up the AMAZING stuff, ne? 
JA NE~~~~
Name: noe(nl)

Hometown: not worth mentioning
Sent: 4:20 AM - 7/11
cool page! i saw what u wrote on our gb and decided to check your art out and i really like the style u got goin' on. nice coloring!(something we need!)...and dont fret(im sure u wont) theres more color comin your way!
keep it up! ill defenetly check it our again.!
Name: Krazy Jay

Sent: 4:36 PM - 7/10
THis Sight Is Phat
Name: Lorna

Homepage: http://none
Hometown: none
Sent: 3:55 AM - 7/10
OK, OK, I can take a hint. I've already written you by e-mail once so maybe you remember me. Anyway you've got a great page and I love your art (especially the wallpapers and chibis)! BTW is there anyway you could link all the pages together in your art gallery? It's kinda annoying when we have to go through all the previous pages before getting to see the new image at the end. Keep up the good work!
Name: Arturo Lim

Homepage: http://:)
Hometown: :)
Sent: 11:12 PM - 7/9
I've visited your site.... and it was ULTRA COOL!!!!
I've shared your pics with my friend and she said that 
they were all SOOOO CUTE!!! 
Keep up the good work and more power to you!!!!!
Name: Dana

Homepage: (currently under construction)
Hometown: Amsterdam
Sent: 6:12 PM - 7/9
Hi! I LOVE your pics! You really made that Lara pic with just photoshop5? ... ... -__-;;
Hey... I'm going to take lessons from you... how to use photoshop right... I thought I was kinda handy with that program.. but I can't make the 3D effects you had... T.T
Anyway, you're a too cool artist, and PLEASE draw my favorite chara Hwoarang!! He's lot more fun then drawing Jin!! I can tell by experience!
Babye~ luv,
Name: MurderX

Hometown: NewJersey
Sent: 1:38 AM - 7/9
Yo sup, you should get some scary pic. and bigger so i can print them out.. your pictures are pretty cool.. Keep it up!!
Name: Valentine

Hometown: Unknown
Sent: 12:58 AM - 7/9
Draw more, 526! I command thee! Draw more...kitties! And Jedi! =^.^=
Name: Jim Lee Stone

Homepage: http://uh! home page?
Hometown: Viva Las Vegas Baby Yea!
Sent: 4:08 AM - 7/7
See I told ya I'd visit ya! 
And might I say that this is not just your "little" website!
It is awsome my friend and your stuff upclose is awsome! 
My favorite pic! The Vamprella Chi-bi, what a set of cans! I mean I love her cans, Uh, the tomato can, screw it I'll send you that pic you wanted to colo in. Nice Jedi by the way!

Hometown: kelowna
Sent: 2:02 AM - 7/7
OH, WOW!! so youre the person who dd that pic i saw at Kisa Hunters Agency???? well it looked like yours ^^. Kawaii!! Kawaii!! I loove your art style! soo original! its a wonder i havent been here till now O_o. Id love to be in your guest gallery, HONORED!! (gasp), and i WILL link to your page. This is one of the sites i trully enjoy ^___^. Super work!!! 
Name: Andres Cerna

Hometown: New York
Sent: 12:13 AM - 7/7
Your page rock hard core and I hope you Keep Drawing in Chibi mode
Name: Sakana

Sent: 2:47 PM - 7/5
Sorry~I've changed my server~~~Please update it! ^^
The old server probably won't works up!
Name: babyt

Hometown: houston
Sent: 9:15 AM - 7/5
hey!!! i just feel like sign this... u dont mind right...
im still waiting for u to update ur stuff so hurry k....
buh-bai now...
Name: Akito Tenka

Sent: 7:12 PM - 7/4
Hi hi ^_^ thank you for signing the "Fallen Angel" guest book. Your CGs are GREAT.... ohh... me can't do CGs ~_~ 
Keep it up. Ja ne
Name: Tim Wilson

Hometown: Junon Harbor
Sent: 11:20 PM - 7/3
Sony, Whats up? Thought I might sign in again and say hey. Im very glad to see all the posotive response your site is getting!! It's GREAT!
Name: Yao

Sent: 5:13 PM - 7/3
Wow. I like your pics, your SD-Rinoa is so cute! and your pics look so professional... wow.
Name: tommy

Sent: 6:35 AM - 7/3
thanks for signing my guestbook. you've got a nice page too!!! i couldnt believe you draw all of those pics > <;; oh so amazing!!!!!! do you have a regular size banner? i really wanna add a link to your page > <;;; please please~~ thanks. stop blabbing here ^ ^;;
Name: Jeff Rozanski

Hometown: Bradenton
Sent: 2:11 AM - 7/3
Hey Sony!!!!! It's your good friend VOLDO HELLRAISER... Keep up the great art work, And keep on drawing the Lara Croft pics!!!!! ( . . )

Name: Mayoke Chen
Hometown: Orlando
Sent: 2:47 PM - 7/2
Hey 526! Sorry I didn't sign sooner. I didn't see the link. Anyway, I have one word man: WOW. You have really outdone yourself here! Keep up the good work!