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Name: Odin
Hometown: US
Sent: 8:17 PM - 10/20
Cool artwork you got and very talented also.
Keep it up.
Name: flik

Hometown: warrior village
Sent: 8:02 PM - 10/20
sup! this page is da bomb! cool! draw more pics about suikoden and final fantasy stuff! laterz.
Name: The0ry

Hometown: ???
Sent: 4:29 PM - 10/20
Im diggin the pages. I haven't seen anything like your work, probably ever. Check my site out in about a month or so ^_^ Oh and btw, I was wondering If you had a kawaii Gouki (Akuma) from the Street Fighter 2 series in wallpaper or somthing. My absolute fav character from ANYTHING =)
Domo Arigato 526!!! 
Name: Squall Leonhart

Hometown: Balamb
Sent: 6:30 AM - 10/20
akang gojilak(pertama kali pakai bahasa indo)
banyakin gambar gua donk
Name: Jin

Sent: 8:49 PM - 10/19
Heyi don't know if u remember me or not but Nice Work.. i love the new ones u put up.. i like the new poster of lara.. very nice.. :).. well just wanted to drop a line.. later Godzilla(526).. from Jin
Name: Ian 

Sent: 12:40 PM - 10/19
This site really fun .... To see !
Cool pic's and good Draw indeed .
Keep UP your work and stay cool dude !
Name: indra

Homepage: http://-
Hometown: jakarta
Sent: 9:14 AM - 10/19
Hei dude,
cool drawings........!!! keep up the good work.........
made u'r own video - anime someday........
and stay down to earth , ok.......
peace!!!!!God bless u...... 
Name: Jennifer

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Sent: 8:46 AM - 10/19
Hey, nice work, man! Fix your ff8 pictures, it's sucks!
By the way, your work is... whatever...
see ya!
Name: manji vwj

Sent: 3:03 PM - 10/18
hey what's up? just wanted to drop you a line and say hi. great art work. i enjoyed it a lot, keep it up and god bless, manji
Name: Leon Mcdohl

Hometown: Utah
Sent: 6:20 AM - 10/18
I saw your arts in Gamestation , you are very good in art !
Can you make me a V-Gundan art , please ???
I hope you will be the greatest artist in the world
Name: Alex Kaye

Sent: 11:46 PM - 10/17
Luv the art! is there any way to downlaod it?
Name: joe guzman

Hometown: visalia,CA
Sent: 8:13 PM - 10/17
i like ur drawings there coo.keep up the best work i'v ever seen. peace from joe
Name: Sujono

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Sent: 11:59 AM - 10/17
I must say, this is the best of its kind. 
Ta526, you're cool man. Keep up the great work.
Name: pApi ChUlo

Hometown: SAn Gabriel
Sent: 3:55 AM - 10/17
DAMN ur good. Keep it Dawg
Name: Nuzuki

Sent: 3:17 AM - 10/17
It's all just so kawaii....!!! *squeals!* I absolutly love your artwork -- wish I could use paintshop like that!! *sniffly...* I want more!! (... please?)
Name: jimflex

Homepage: http://sby 
Hometown: sby ina
Sent: 2:11 PM - 10/16
goooooooooooooooooolllllll uffffdfsdd
gooooooooodddd and coool thanx 4 web site thats great
Name: squall leonheart 

Hometown: Balamb
Sent: 11:23 AM - 10/16
Keep up the good work
Name: Juan Escalona

Hometown: Philly
Sent: 2:35 AM - 10/16
These pictures is hot as sh*t!!!!
Name: Sunny G

Hometown: jakarta.indonesia
Sent: 6:33 AM - 10/15
I must admit ur drawing are too cool
u know what, u should make a book 
ur drawings are outstanding. I really like them
Name: Felipe Fernandez

Hometown: New Jersey
Sent: 1:47 AM - 10/15
this is the phatest web page it has all the cool drawings and stuff like that and other things. mah friends call me flip or flipper i think that gallery with all thoes pictures are the bomb so i think this shit is phat laterz to all u people