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Name: Instigator
Hometown: San Diego
Sent: 5:02 AM - 10/26
I saw your awesome artwork in PSM and after viewing your website I simply had to toss a compliment your way. You do a great job. Your style is very unique and fun. I look forward to seeing more of your art in PSM. Keep it up.
Name: Christian

Hometown: Jakarta/Indonesia
Sent: 3:54 AM - 10/25
Keep your good work. Why there is no tatsu art in your website? 
Name: Robocop

Hometown: Medan
Sent: 1:54 AM - 10/25
You have a good site here, keep your good work. BTW is this 526 refers to Godzilla (Read 526 in Hokkien accent, Ask Runa if you don't belief it)
Name: Intrik

Hometown: York
Sent: 7:50 PM - 10/24
Nice site.. love the art ^_^ 
Name: Pelops

Sent: 6:47 PM - 10/24
Professional coloring and drawing however the web site could be better but anyways keep it up. :)
Name: PaTrIcK

Hometown: Glendale New YoRk!
Sent: 6:36 PM - 10/24
So far since i subsribed to the PsM magazine , i have found ur great pictures , and everytime i get a new issue , i come to the webpage to see if its on here . I visit ur website atleast 1 a week . I love ur work . 
Pe@cE oUt!!!

Name: Sheila
Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 6:13 PM - 10/24
Hi! It's me again. I think I'm falling in love with your homepage...
Name: Sheila

Hometown: Jakarta
Sent: 10:00 PM - 10/23
Gambarnya luar biasa, I luv it! Pake software apa, sih? Please, kasih tau, dong! Kirim aja lewat e-mail. Oh ya, boleh minta sesuatu, ngga? Gambarin Vincent Valentine, dong! I'm a dying fan of his! ^_^
Name: satya

Hometown: jakarta
Sent: 4:24 PM - 10/23
you are very talented..keep up the good work..i'll always support u
Name: Danny Chung 

Hometown: southamton
Sent: 10:35 AM - 10/23
Alright? .... Your ff8 pics r alright mosh keep it up peace! 
Name: Max

Hometown: London
Sent: 10:21 AM - 10/23
Kick ass pics u got there - What tools did u use? 
Check out my site - I've got my own pics, check them out.
Name: GoSs Dude

Hometown: Daygo
Sent: 7:39 AM - 10/23
Dang, this site has kick ass pix!
Name: jason

Homepage: http://welcome to my page
Sent: 8:55 PM - 10/22
yo, this page rocks
Name: D.A.S.

Hometown: V.G.I.
Sent: 5:23 PM - 10/22
ur art is very amaz me !! it's very talently...
ur art ill always have my suport!!
Name: Talent

Hometown: Brooklyn Zoo
Sent: 5:05 PM - 10/22
Hey Man. Beautiful Site. Love it. You are the man. I saw your picturein PSM for Nov. Very phat. I'll talk to you later. Great site
Name: Jodi Swasono

Hometown: Yogyakarta
Sent: 3:23 PM - 10/22
Yo... mas Sony 
Piye... la kok e-mailku ora mo' jawab, lagi sibuk yo... yo wis ra po-po, pokokmen ojo lali ngisi buku tamu ning homepage-ku... (maklum isih anyar)
tak tunggu lho... (eleng, aku wis ngisi guest book mu ping piro wae... saiki gentenan kowe ^_^)
Name: firas

Homepage: http://none
Hometown: none
Sent: 1:20 PM - 10/22
Name: Nakoma

Hometown: Fridley, MN
Sent: 6:27 AM - 10/22
Keep up the great work! I saw your stuff in PSM Magazine and just had to check out your website. Cool wallpapers!
Name: Alex St.John

Hometown: Beaumont
Sent: 2:22 AM - 10/22
Love the pics man!! Saw you in PSM!!
Keep up the good work!!
Name: opan

Homepage: http://...
Hometown: jakarta
Sent: 10:01 AM - 10/21
in your oppinion which is the best gamezine...G13th, psm magazine or maybe game station, I want to know please.
anyway you are really friendly and funy too, damn your joke 
about RE zombie hit me...i even close my eyes coz i look it when i having a lunch.!!!!!!!.